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Throughout the Adriatic there are locations that can leave the visitors speechless. Our excursion to Modra špilja (The Blue Cave) will give you the opportunity to visit a few locations that have earned their place in countless itineraries in one day.
10 h
If you do not have too much time and want to enjoy a speed boat drive and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea – this is the excursion for you. You are going to tour some of the most beautiful bays of the island of Šolta and enjoy the intact nature of the island Drvenik Veli and Mali located near Split.
Friends have recommended other places or you have decided to plan an excursion to your own standards? Contact us with your idea so we can make a memorable trip!

You have planned a vacation on one of the Dalmatian islands and you are coming to Split by plane? The transport to Split and slow ferries are not worth the waste of time!The fastest way to come from Split Airport to the selected location is the speed boat drive. It takes an hour to reach the most of tourist sites on the islands.